Collaborative Cross-modal Interfaces

Example diagram

The Collaborative Cross-modal Interfaces (CCmI) project is a Research Councils UK Digital Economy Programme funded project that aims to explore the use of multi-modal input and output technologies (audio, haptics, graphics) to improve the accessibility of collaboration using diagrams in the workplace. The challenge is to design support for collaboration where participants have differing access to modalities - we refer to these situations as cross-modal collaboration.

Our aim is to increase inclusion in the workplace - to develop Accessible Diagrams for Workspace Inclusion.

Software Release

The second release of the CCmI Diagram Editor is now out. This release support the construction and editing of nodes-and-links diagrams using a visual, auditory and now also a haptic interface through the PHANTOM Omni® Haptic device.
The CCmI Diagram Editor is available for download here together with instructions to set it up and few example diagrams to help you get started.


QAC Sight village

The CCmI team will be running an exhibition and a seminar about the Collaborative Cross-Modal Interface project at the upcoming QAC Sight Village. The event has been described as “the premier exhibition for blind and partially-sighted people in the UK” and as ”the country’s leading expo of access tech solutions".